Welcome to the new abilityplaceresidents.co.uk

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Welcome to the new abilityplaceresidents.co.uk

Post  Admin on 24th January 2013, 11:12

Hello and welcome to the revamped Ability Place Residents forum!

As you can see the look and feel is pretty much the same as it was previously but there are some significant differences behind the scenes. Please see following post for more detail.

We encourage you to join up and make some contribution as soon as you can as there are several ways in which we can alter and customise this forum to suit our needs. The sooner you get on board, the more you can get your views heard. For example, choices around accessibility, types of membership and what the topics of discussions should be. Please make your suggestions on this in the following post also.

We are keeping things simple for now, email authenticated sign up, one General forum public to everyone to begin with. We can move posts across to more specific subject/topic/category later as the forum fills out.

For now, welcome and enjoy!

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Re: Welcome to the new abilityplaceresidents.co.uk

Post  Helmo on 8th February 2013, 08:25

Thanks for setting up the new site! Smile


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